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VR Corp (“VR Corp”, from now on referred to as “us” “we” “our”) which is registered and legally based in Curacao, currently operates this website. We consider our top priority handling your Personally Identifiable Information with complete confidentiality and privacy.  We refer to “Personally Identifiable Information” to your full name, e-mail address, home address, telephone number(s), date of birth, debit/credit card information, and any other fact pertaining to your identity, that may be collected during registration, surveys and/or personal communication. Your Personally Identifiable Information is collected, stored and handled at all times based on our strict corporate-wide Customer Privacy Policy.
Please read the following characteristics and definitions of our Privacy Policy:

Personal information:

It is because of security as well as regulatory purposes that we collect your Personally Identifiable Information when you register at our site, use our online gambling services, make customer service enquiries, register for information or other services, or when you have any direct communication with us. Also, third parties to whom you have consented to provide your Personally Identifiable Information may share this data with us.
The Personally Identifiable Information we store and collect serves nothing more than to fulfill legitimate business purposes and we take every measure possible to keep your information within the use of reasonable expectations. All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure the safety, integrity and privacy of your Personally Identifiable Information.

Purpose of Collection:

Your Personally Identifiable Information is collected and stored for a number of reasons: to provide you with the rights and benefits of online gambling services, to process monetary transactions between merchant and customer, to attend to your enquiries, to market our services and products that are compatible with your preferences and interests, to inform you on updates on our website and services, and to safeguard the safety and security of both you and VR Corp.

Security of your information:

Measures in security policies, rules, and technical protection have been implemented in the view of keeping your personal information safe at all times and beyond access for unauthorized manipulation, unlawful use or disclosure, illegal destruction or accidental loss. To ensure this level of security we use a 128-bit digital encryption system of the latest technology, as is commonly used by major financial institutions nowadays.
According to the purposes stated above your Personally Identifiable Information may be disclosed and handled by the following recipients: our employees, any third party service providers who are in association with us and provide services to us; or possible auditors, contractors or advisors auditing any of our business processes and procedures. Any person or company, employee, data processor, or any other party outlined above who has access to your personal data are obliged to respect the privacy of your information and are subject to the declarations of this Privacy Policy.
Unless law requires it, your information will never be revealed to any governmental institution.

Publicizing a win:

Our players may be requested to post comments or make a declaration of winnings from the casino if we deem them worthy of publicity. However, as players they are not obliged to do so. Nonetheless we reserve the right to advertize and publicize any win on our websites, or any other site such as a gambling portal (both online and offline) that is associated with us. For security and privacy reasons, only the first name and the first initial of the player’s last name will be disclosed in the event of a significant win.

Additional Information:

It is our right to access and verify the Personally Identifiable Information you have provided us with. And we reserve the right to request further personal information from you should it become necessary according to our security policies. For example, to verify your identity and address, we may request a copy (scanned or faxed) of your driver license and/or passport, and a utility bill. Subsequent information and documents requested after registration will be treated as Personally Identifiable Information and handled in accordance to our Privacy Policy.

 “Know Your Player” Policy:

Any player must fulfill the conditions of our “Know Your Player” Policy in order to use any service we provide. This policy has been established in order to protect both the player and ourselves. Our “Know Your Player” policy can be summarized primary in three points:

  • The customer is of legal age (in most cases at least 18 years of age) and gambling at our site is legal in his or her jurisdiction
  • The customer has not violated any Clause or aspect of our Terms and Conditions
  • The customer’s identity is real and authentic


We primarily send out information, offers and rewards via email. Should you not wish to receive this, you can easily decline our e-mail marketing by sending a blank message with the word “Remove” in the subject line to

Your Rights in relation to your Information

You can contact us at any time to obtain a copy of your current information and if needed, to correct any outdated or inaccurate information. In reasonable circumstances, you may have your personal data corrected, updated or completed; simply send an e-mail to


Upon registration, we may send a permanent cookie to you. The term “cookie” denotes a small file that is stored in your system’s hard disk for record-keeping purposes. With cookies we can recognize you when you visit our site, keep track of the advertisement you click on and other sites you access via the links in our website. The use of cookies has a very basic function for us. It helps us improve on the services we provide by generating statistical information on your use of our website. You are at liberty to decline cookies from our site or any other site for that matter. To remove cookies from your internet browser simply follow the instructions under the “Help” section of your browser. Please note, however, that we may decline access to particular content on our site unless you have cookies allowed on your browser.


Your Personally Identifiable Information will not be stored nor used beyond the period of time that is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

Updates to Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may contain revisions, updates or modifications from time to time, so please check it regularly. We reserve the right to modify our Privacy Policy when necessary, and according to changes in current date protection standards and privacy legislation.  

Affiliate Specific Data

VR Corp primarily collects the information of potential affiliates by the filling out of an online application form. As a potential affiliate, you must be aware that filling out and submitting the application is necessary and indispensable for becoming a partner of Regal Affiliate Program. Besides the initial registration information, we reserve the right to request information regarding your web browser (type, language, etc), IP address(es), date and time of your submission, and one or multiple cookies that identify your internet browser.

The information is stored and used by us in order to provide our service to all our affiliates and to improve performance and development of our program. Any information received by VR Corp will not be utilized for resale purposes, nor will it be provided to a third party without the previous consent from the affiliate. The date we store and handle will remain at all times private and secure in our servers only and for the exclusive use of VR Corp. If you have any doubt or question regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at


If the previous statements have left something unclear or unanswered regarding our procedure in data protection and our privacy policy, please send a detailed message of your question to

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