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Profit Commissions

Regal Affiliates provide some of the most competitive affiliate commissions in the online gaming industry.

Commission Structure

Starting Commission % Maximum Commission % Tier Commission
30% 50% 10%

Commissions are based on the Gross Revenue of each player you refer. Your commission earnings will be transparently displayed when you log in into your Regal affiliate account.

Once you become a Regal Affiliate we will work hand in hand with you to create a successful and profitable partnership. Our complimentary marketing tools plus the experience of our Affiliate Program Managers will help you get the best results with your affiliate campaign.

The key to your success

The Commission percentage is only one aspect to focus on for the success of your campaign. Our long years in the affiliate world have taught us to look into two other aspects to guarantee good results:

  • Conversion rates (the percentage of your referred players that make a deposit)
  • Retention rates (the regularity and constancy of your players’ deposits)

The Regal Affiliates team works hard to turn your referred players into active depositing players. Welcome promotions created exclusively for your campaign will help step up conversion numbers. Feel free to ask our Affiliate Program Manager for your own personal welcome bonus which can be advertised on your website.

Retention is achieved by giving players a good time when they play. The superb customer service and VIP attention players receive keeps customer satisfaction high. Also, with the innovative and competitive promotions throughout the week the player is eager to return over and over again to Vegas Regal Casino.

With some of the highest commissions, conversion and retention rates in the industry, the Regal Affiliate program has become an easy choice for the serious affiliate.

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Regal Affiliates Benefits

A Lifetime of Commissions at no cost
We will pay you up to 50% of lifelong commissions for every single player you refer to our property: Vegas Regal Casino.
Plus, you will earn a 10% tier commission on other affiliates you refer to the Regal Affiliates Program.
There are no fees, set up charges or membership price involved; you can join and start earning revenue at no cost!

How does an affiliate commission work?
It is very simple. You will earn between 30% and 50% of the Gross Revenue (deposits minus withdrawals/chargeback) of each player you bring to our property.
For example, if a player deposits $900 and has $200 in cash outs in one month, that leaves $700 in Gross Revenue. If you have a 50% commission you will receive $350 on payday!

This holds true for the Gross Revenue of EACH player you refer.
If you have a negative balance during one month we will reset your balance to $0 at the beginning of the new month. At Regal Affiliates we never carry a negative balance into the new month!

How to keep track of your revenue?
The Regal Affiliate program provides the most technologically advanced affiliate interface. When you log in into your Vegas Regal Affiliate account, you can keep track of all your statistics through our user-friendly reporting system. All the stats are updated in Real Time, providing the most accurate results for your campaign.

How is the payment made?
We will pay you punctually on the 15th of every month or the nearest upcoming business day. You can choose from 5 different transfer methods:

  • EcoCard
  • Neteller
  • Money Bookers
  • Bank Wire

How to get started?
Register for free by clicking on the sign up button or by clicking here.
Fill out a short application form with all your personal information.

Our Affiliate Program Manager will contact you within 24 hours with the approval of your application.
Once approved you can create a marketing campaign using our free advertising material and start generating instant profit!

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