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Business Plan

This business plan contains detailed information and estimates based on known and unknown riscs and the business results can differ from the figures in the business plan.

It is prohibited to give any information from this business plan to any third party, stated here or not. That kind of information is under no circumstances approved by the board.

The board is to the best of their belief convinced that the content is true and accurate and nothing important is left out or twisted.

It is VRC’s basis idea to build a reliable, exclusive and player owned i-Gaming company with first class software and affiliate- and player support of high quality based on online gambling (Casino and Poker).

VRC is located in Malta and will operate on a Malta license. VRC is a limited company and is owned by shareholders and 4 board members.

The subscription begins 1.3.2008 and ends when all shares are sold or when the subscription end date is reached. One share is nominal $5 and the price is set by the board to $105 each of the 25.000 B-shares in total to be sold. In addition an administration fee $15 will be added. Another 25.000 A-shares is divided amongst the board members who works free of charge the first business year. Every A-share is 100 votes and every B-share is 1 vote. If the sale cannot be fulfilled, the invested amounts will be returned to the investors after the administration fee is deducted. The board can also extend the share capital if needed. The project will startup when 13.000 B-shares are sold.

The interest in Casino and Poker has never been higher which many TV broadcasts and adverts can confirm and it is still growing.

VRC want to win considerable parts of the international gambling market the first year and then extend the services with Poker, Bingo and bookmaking.

  • VRC must be known and used by all Casino players
  • The dividend must be 15-20% after 2 years
  • VRC must have a daily flow of at least 100 deposit players after first business year
  • VRC must have the best affiliate software for a high level of service.

The board has experience and knowledge in:

  • Starting a business
  • Law og economics
  • Internet gambling
  • Marketing
  • Customer service and support
  • IT, hardware, software, operations, security, service and project work.
  • Management, employment and education
  • Logistics

Business contacts
There is a considerable network in the gambling business available build through the last 7-10 years.

Business knowledge
VRC have analyzed and researched the gambling market during the 5 years and has now the knowledge of:

  • How gambling sites are build
  • Which types of games are available and popular
  • Gambling rule
  • Affilitate handling
  • Neccesary features
  • Features nice to have
  • Bonus, freeplays and contests
  • Finance transactions
  • Userfriendly support and service


  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Radio spots
  • Casino/Poker magazines
  • Internet (Affiliate forums, Banners, E-mail marketing, Sponsored links, Affiliate software)

VRC can offer Casino software, Poker software, Affiliate software and Banking software and for all of them these characteristics are valid:

  • Easy to use software with exclusive layout and features
  • Safe and secure software monitored 24/7
  • Fast and secure money transfer directly to the required account
  • Daily bonus and weekly contests
  • Signup bonus
  • Tournament qualifications
  • Special features
  • All levels and lots of gambling variations
  • Fast support (E-mail, Telephone) in english, spanish and danish.
  • Funmoney games

Software/Hardware supplier
Confidential until final agreement is signed.

Target group

  • Residents of legal age (18 years or the legal age of majority in his/her jurisdiction, whichever is greater) in a jurisdiction of residence where the Games are not prohibited.
  • Internet access

Geographical limitations
There are no limitations using the internet worldwide excpt local laws which prohibits gambling.

Competitors strong points

  • Big existing customer database
  • Already known at the gambling market
  • Visible at the internet.
  • Strong economics gives the possibilty to spend a lot at marketing
  • Customers knows software, services and routines.


  • The biggest threat at the gambling market is unreliable gambling companies
  • Legislation
  • Interest
  • Software with errors
  • Changed standard of living

VRC are ready to invest a big amount in namebranding and marketing

Economical headlines
VRC is self financed, which means no loans will be raised.

Marketing budget
30 % of net-profit will be saved for use of future investments and losses.

Budget (US$) Credit Debit
Share capital (13.000 shares of $ 105)   1.300.000
Hardware, Software, Licenses, Websites, Project expenses, other costs 600.000  
Marketing, newspapers, magazines, internet, radio, name branding 500.000  
Brought forward 200.000  
Balance 1.300.000 1.300.000

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